About me

Hi, I’m Angela! I can’t wait to help you launch, grow & protect your business.

Angela Schmit is the go-to attorney for coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs, helping business owners establish a strong legal foundation to grow their business with confidence. Angela's mission is to hold business owners in integrity by ensuring that their legal policies and agreements align with their business values and practices.  

While Angela offers custom legal services at Schmit Law Firm, she founded Counsel for Coaches™ to provide her own unique brand of business coaching and consulting. 

After years of struggling with people pleasing and not having clear boundaries, Angela made the decision to stop tolerating relationships and behavior that were causing her to feel burnt out, costing her hard-earned money and interfering with the quality of life she envisioned with her VIPs (her husband and two daughters). Angela's signature coaching program encompasses the same tools she used to shift her energy and her relationships to better serve her clients, her team, and her purpose. 

As a business & employment attorney and wholehearted entrepreneur, Angela is a firm believer that clear agreements are the best legal protection for any business. Angela designed cost-effective legal templates to empower start-up businesses with the legal foundation needed to legally launch online and engage with clients with legal-ease.

Angela is committed to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to succeed, teaching business law as an adjunct professor at her local Metropolitan Community College. Having a younger sister with Downs syndrome, Angela is also a passionate advocate for serving families with special needs, supporting organizations like the High Hopes Foundation

Core Values

Courage ~ Creativity ~ Compassion ~ Curiosity ~ Growth ~ Empowerment


Strengths Finder Results

Achiever ~ Learner ~ Individualization ~ Relator ~ Focus


"Trial & Error Entrepreneurship"

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