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If you’re a coach, consultant or creative entrepreneur looking to launch your website or online platform with confidence, then you know you need legal protections in place on your site.

Whether You're...

  • A service provider with a business website, 
  • An online entrepreneur engaging in e-commerce,
  • A coach setting discovery calls using a scheduling app,
  • Launching an online course or running a membership site, 
  • A creative entrepreneur sharing content or lead magnets online... 

You're in the right place. We're here to help eliminate the overwhelm from the legal aspects of operating your business online and get the right legal protections for your business in place with legal-ease.

By using DIY Website Legal Documents,

you will have…


  • A Legally Compliant Website

    Substantially reduce or eliminate your liability exposure through a legally compliant website
  • Clear, Strong Boundaries

    Replace ambiguity and stealth expectations with clear agreements between you and your website visitors
  • Secure Time, Money & Mastery

    Protect and leverage your most important business assets with a strong legal foundation

“I have worked with many attorneys as I've built my 7-figure coaching business and Angela is the best attorney you'll find to support you in legal for your coaching business. One thing I've learned is how important it is to have an attorney who understands my business - Angela is that person. The hard part about contracts is alignment. This is deeply personal and sometimes challenging work - and I'm so grateful I found Angela to do this work with. I recommend her without hesitation.” 

~ Jesse Johnson

CEO of Jesse Johnson Coaching, Inc.
Sales Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


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“As an online coach and author I knew that contracts were important to my business, yet I spent years afraid to use them. When I realized that having strong contractual agreements was essential in defining how both my clients and I showed up, that's when I was introduced to Angela. Angela's method and care in learning who you are and how you relate to your clients was exactly what I needed to create contracts and agreements that revolutionized my business. You don't realize the weight that is lifted off of your shoulders until you have strong boundaries in place. Having your clients understand the expectations of your programs and coaching reduces confusion and gives them space to lean into the work you are doing with them. I'm so grateful to Angela and the care she took in learning both the language and importance of the work that I do to create my contracts.”

~ Avalon Starlight
f/k/a Tamara Arnold

CEO of The Enchanted Fairy, Inc.
Creator of the Rebel Unicorn Movement
Founder of The Chakra Business Academy

“Angela is my legal expert and trusted advisor. She helped me build a solid foundation for my consulting business with client agreements and online policies as well as proactively addressed several concerns I never would have considered. Angela’s outstanding counsel was responsive and detail oriented, allowing me to remain focused on my priorities knowing I was covered legally. She is the perfect attorney for any coach or consultant who is trying to establish a business or take theirs to the next level.”

~ Neil Wattier

Founder of Neil Wattier Enterprises, LLC
Resilience Coaching & Development

What’s Inside Launch Up:

DIY Website Legal Documents? 


Website Template #1

Privacy Policy (GDPR Compliant)

If you collect personally identifiable information online –  you are required by law to have a Privacy Policy and notify the users and visitors of your site how you collect and secure their personal data. 


We've simplified the legal jargon and created an easy to follow path for you to form your own legally compliant and easily understood policy. 

  • Privacy Policy Basics - to help you understand (in plain language, not legalese) why you need a Privacy Policy and how it impacts your business. 
  • Privacy Policy Design Worksheet - to assist you (or your marketing team) in identifying all of the ways you collect, use, share, and secure personal information. 
  • Privacy Policy Template - for you to download and easily customize for your business. 
Website Template #2

Terms & Conditions

If you post branded or proprietary content online – a Terms & Conditions on your site will protect your Intellectual Property (“IP”) and let users and visitors of your site know what's okay and what's not okay, and why


Get detailed, thorough language to protect your business and set clear boundaries with your online audience to avoid any confusion.

  • Terms & Conditions Basics  - to help you understand the importance of your Website Terms & Conditions. 
  • Terms & Conditions Template - for you to download and easily customize to fit your business. 
Website Template #3


If there is the possibility of confusion that the type of information you are sharing may be construed as advice from a licensed professional – a Disclaimer is highly recommended.


Whether you're a health coach in need of a medical disclaimer or a business coach in need of an earnings disclaimer, we 've got your covered, and so much more.

  • Disclaimer Basics - to help you understand the purpose of a sold disclaimer. 
  • Full Disclaimer Template - for you to download and customize to align with the type of information you share.
  • Sample Mini-Disclaimers

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Grow Your Business Online with Legal-Ease


Bonus 1

Cookies Policy Template

For websites that use cookie technology to improve user experience

Bonus 2

List Building & E-Newsletter Policy

For legally compliant email list building efforts and e-newsletter practices

Bonus 3

Anti-Spam Email Policy

For legally compliant email communications and transparent marketing practices 

Bonus 4

Copyright Notice

For properly claiming copyright protection of the content you share online

Bonus 5

Start Up Checklist

For entrepreneurs who want to build their business the right way

Here’s what you’re getting:

Launch Up: DIY Website Legal Documents 

  • Template 1 - $750 Value
  • Template 2 - $750 Value
  • Template 3 - $750 Value

Total Value: $2,250

  • Bonus 1 - $500 Value
  • Bonus 2 - $275 Value
  • Bonus 3 - $275 Value
  • Bonus 4 - $275 Value
  • Bonus 5 - $275 Value

Total Value: $1,600

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $3,850

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to stop holding your business back by legal roadblocks?

  1. These templates are for you if you're just getting started in your business and want to do it right.
  2. These templates are for you if you're developing or updating your website and want legal protection.
  3. These templates are for you if you value clarity and want your legal policies to align with your values.

I can’t wait for you to legally launch your website with our DIY Website Legal Documents 


This year has been filled with change and has pushed business owners out of their comfort zone, requiring that they quickly adapt to new ways of operating their business. 

I've witnessed many entrepreneurs pivot their business online. However, they've often done so quickly and without putting necessary legal protections in place. 

I created Counsel for Coaches to offer business owners a solution that allows them to operate their business online with legal-ease ~ DIY Website Legal Documents. 

Angela Forss Schmit

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