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Commit to Boundaries in Business

to leverage and protect your time, money & mastery

If you’re a coach, consultant or creative entrepreneur looking to grow your business with confidence, then you know that you need clear boundaries in your business relationships.

Whether You're...

  • Embracing your role as CEO of your business (and your home), 
  • Building your book of business and serving more clients, 
  • Hiring new team members, from contractors to employees, 
  • Aspiring to do all of the above... 

You're in the right place.

In this unique group coaching program, we'll help you explore the (stealth) expectations that are holding you back and guide you through a process to clarify and commit to boundaries in your business relationships ~ with yourself, your clients and your team.

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By Setting Boundaries in Business,

you will…


  • Honor Your Time

    Nothing in business may be as valuable as time, a truly finite resource. When you set boundaries on your time, you schedule your priorities and keep your word. Doing so is the only way to manage your business as a CEO. 
  • Increase Your Energy

    Boundaries close open energy loops. They help you let go of worrying about how others might receive you, seeking their approval and people pleasing. Boundaries allow you to take back energy and direct it on your desired path.
  • Grow Your Profits

    Setting boundaries with your clients uplevels your professionalism and invites respect, ensuring clients honor their commitment to invest in your services. 
  • Grow Your Business

    Setting boundaries with your team means hiring the right contractors and/or employees in the right way to create a rockstar team that aligns with your mission and vision. Boundaries are essential to establish yourself as a leader, define your team members' roles and set your team up for success.
  • Value Your Mastery

    Boundaries validate the value of your unique expertise and protect your important business assets with a strong legal foundation.

What are the Consequences of Not Setting Boundaries?

“When we asked people why they hesitate to set boundaries, the number one answer that emerged from the research was, “I don’t want to make people mad, disappoint others, or make them stop liking me.” The number two reason was related to the first, “I don’t know how to set boundaries without sounding selfish or unlikeable.” What’s really interesting is that when we asked the same participants to describe or explain the consequence of not setting boundaries, the overwhelming response was resentment. Followed by anger. Followed by frustration. These emotions eat away at our individual and collective confidence and trust. They lead to people talking behind each other’s backs and to blame. This is why daring leaders set, hold, and respect boundaries. Even when it’s hard.”

~ Brené Brown

From her book, "Dare to Lead"

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6 monthly payments

  • Access to Launch Up legal templates
  • Coaching on setting personal boundaries
  • Guidance on forming client agreements
  • Training on hiring and firing process
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to online resources

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  • Access to Launch Up legal templates
  • Coaching on setting personal boundaries
  • Guidance on forming client agreements
  • Training on hiring and firing process
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Access to online resources
  • Bonus 1:1 coaching call

I can’t wait to help you commit to clear boundaries in your business relationships

I've witnessed many business owners, particularly women, struggle with failing to set clear boundaries in their business relationships. This drains their time, energy and, more often than not, their finances.

The mission of Boundaries in Business Bootcamp™ is to help clients become aware of the stealth expectations that are causing tension in their relationships, identify what they're willing to tolerate and what they are not, and guide them through the process of forming clear boundaries to grow their business with confidence.

I know firsthand the impact that healthy boundaries can have in your business. As a business attorney, wholehearted entrepreneur and recovering people pleaser, I now use the same tools to empower others set clear expectations and commit to boundaries in their business relationships. Will you join the movement with us? 

Angela Forss Schmit

Ready to Commit to Boundaries?


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What a bummer, you can't sign up for Boundaries in Business Bootcamp™ today. Doors are closed and won't reopen until the spring of 2021. I know it's a bummer to feel like you totally missed your chance, but such is life.

Add your name to the waitlist below and we'll be sure you know when Angela reopens her doors! It's worth the wait, pinky promise. 

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