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Counsel for Coaches™ helps coaches, consultants & creative entrepreneurs launch, grow & protect their businesses.

Business Coaching & Legal Consulting

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Legal Templates

These attorney-created legal templates are a must-have for online entrepreneurs and service providers in the personal and professional development industries.

Launch Up:
DIY Website Legal Documents

Attorney-Created Legal Document Templates to Legally Launch Your Site and Protect Your Business Online, including: (1) Privacy Policy + (2) Terms & Conditions + (3) Disclaimers

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Launch Up:
DIY Online Terms of Purchase

Attorney-Created Legal Document Templates, including: (1) Terms of Use for Online Course or Digital Product + (2) Terms of Service for Online Group Coaching Program

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Boundaries in Business Bootcamp™

Angela guides wholehearted business owners who are ready to commit to boundaries in their business relationships.

In this group coaching program, you will learn to protect and leverage your time, money & mastery by committing to boundaries in business.

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Custom Legal Services*

Businesses in the growth and maintenance phases need legal support customized to fit their needs. Angela Schmit helps business owners by providing premier legal services and strategic business advice. Angela also takes pride in serving as a resource to clients by connecting them to other professionals with a range of expertise as needed. 

*Legal services are provided by an affiliate law firm,
Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone, LLC

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Hi! I’m Angela, an attorney and entrepreneur. I founded Counsel for Coaches™ to provide clients with business coaching and legal consulting services that support business owners at any stage along their entrepreneurial journey.

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Angela works with a variety of service providers and online business owners in the personal and professional development industries, from business and success coaches to life and relationship coaches to marketing and public relations strategists, and many more. She also works with many creative entrepreneurs, including bridal consultants, event planners, photographers, web designers, and many more.

"Trial & Error Entrepreneurship"

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"Trial & Error Entrepreneurship"

Get Legal Tips & Business Advice In Your Inbox.

A collaborative newsletter by Counsel for Coaches & affiliate Schmit Law Firm